Great Replacement Update / Marine Biology Edition: Traitor Joe Tries Snail Darter Ploy To Bring Down Buoy Barrier
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Those old enough remember the notorious Snail darter panic of 1973, when a small fish nearly stopped construction of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Tellico Dam. Now, Traitor Joe Biden and the Treason Lobby might perpetrate a similar envirohoax to push the Great Replacement. That would be using the “endangered” Mexican Fawnsfoot, a garden-variety mussel in the Rio Grande, to force Texas Governor Greg Abbott to remove the buoy barrier he installed at Eagle Pass, Texas.

Although illegals have trashed the border for years, Todd Bensman explained recently, “now, all the sudden, President Joe Biden's government is sounding the environmental alarm” about the bivalve’s aquatic milieu [Read TODD BENSMAN's utterly surreal tale of cynical Joe's bizarre battle to save river MUSSELS in the open sewer that is the Rio Grande's illegal migrant crossroads and ask: Have you ever heard of such stinking hypocrisy?,, August 12, 2023].

Last month, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed listing the Mexican Fawnsfoot as endangered [Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Endangered Species Status for Salina Mucket and Mexican Fawnsfoot and Designation of Critical Habitat, Federal Register, July 25, 2023]. Envirokooks have been worried about the riverine creature for decades, Bensman wrote, but it “just so happens that some of the remaining populations of the Mexican Fawnsfoot nestle into the mud near one of most trafficked illegal immigrant crossings on all of the Rio Grande.”

That’s Eagle Pass, ground zero of the illegal-alien invasion at the southwest border. And that’s also where the Treason Lobby, Biden Regime, and Mexican government are waging an “all-or-nothing legal, propaganda, and political campaign to force Texas to remove the barrier and abandon state plans to extend it miles downstream.” 

Bensman continued:

If all else fails, an Endangered Species declaration and a lawsuit would certainly threaten Abbott's border security measures.

Too cynical, you say?

Consider that for years, I’ve witnessed the ecological devastation wrought by relentless illegal immigration.

That includes rotting garbage in the river itself, and a “mattress” of clothing and other discarded junk that is killing the riparian habitat. “It’s also here that thousands of immigrants empty their bowels straight into the water every day,” Bensman wrote:

The man-made fertilizer feeds invasive hyacinth plants that choke off water flow and rob native water species of oxygen and sunlight. …

To be sure, mass immigration did not introduce the hyacinth to the Rio Grande, but I'd bet the river weed's spread near migrant camps is no coincidence.

It is hard to believe that mussels—or anything else—could survive under the solid mats created by this meddlesome species from Brazil.

Biden sued Texas to remove the barrier the day before USFW proposed endangered status for the worthless mussel.

If Biden were serious about saving it, he’d stop the invasion that is polluting the river and nearby wetlands. 

No one in his right mind believes that Abbott’s buoy barrier harms a creature that dwells under the mud. But Traitor Joe will leave no clam undug if it means continuing the Great Replacement illegal-alien invasion.

Don’t be surprised if the regime sues to protect the Mexican Fawnsfoot.

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