Great Replacement Update / Garbage Haul Edition: Illegals Are Trashing The Rio Grande. Wait Until They Move Into Your Neighborhood
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If you want to know what’s coming to your neighborhood, courtesy of Traitor Joe Biden and Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas, watch Todd Bensman’s latest video from the border. 

The analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies has posted dozens of the invasion videos to Twitter. His latest shows that Biden’s Great Replacers have turned the Rio Grande between Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros, Mexico into a giant trash dump. Indeed, one wonders when the Environmental and Protection Agency will declare the area a Superfund hazardous waste site.

Texas National Guardsmen who patrol the area call it “the mattress because the layers of discarded clothing and personal belongings here [are] so thick and rubbery,” Bensman reported.

The garbage will, of course, “kill everything beneath it” and destroy the area for wildlife. 

And you better not fall down:

There are syringes, diapers, animal droppings, food, personal sanitation products full of chemicals, non-biodegradable trash of every kind, and human waste. And personal documents, identifications left behind, lest they get in the way of a fake asylum case story.

The area is littered with tons of clothes because the “migrants”—communist code for Great Replacement illegals—discard attire that is wet from crossing the river. Once in the United States, they change into dry clothes they carried in plastic bags.

And, as Bensman observed, the environuts are strangely absent and silent. They haven’t volunteered to clean up and have not complained because “they are so committed to this immigration and the migrants, that they hold their tongues about this sort of thing.”

Take a look. A close one. This is coming to your hometown. 

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