Great Replacement Update / France: Cop Shoots Muslim George Floyd Who Resisted Arrest, Muslims Burn Cities, Macron Trembles
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The story is familiar: Minority yoot disobeys orders from a cop. Cop shoots. Yoot dead. In this case, the yoot was a 17-year-old Muslim in France tried to flee the cops when they pulled him over.

Now, crazed, rioting Muslims have set Paris, Toulouse, Marseilles, and Nanterre ablaze because “Nahel M”—a French George Floyd, one might say—resisted arrest:

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President Emmanuel Macron called the shooting “inexplicable and inexcusable,” and said “nothing justifies the death of a young person,” which undoubtedly fueled the Mohammedan fury [French police, protesters clash after Macron calls police fatal shooting of teen ‘inexcusableReplace Lost Car Title In Maryland |→registration procedure,’ by Oleg Cetinic and Angela Charlton, Associated Press, June 29, 2023].

The interior minister agreed.

Even Gérald Darmanin, Mr. Macron’s tough-talking interior minister and a frequent defender of the police, was unusually critical, saying, “An act like the one that we saw, if the investigation confirms the videos that we have seen, is never justified.”

[Protests and Sorrow After Fatal Police Traffic Encounter in France, by Aurelien Breeden and Constant Méheut, New York Times, June 28, 2023]

So white Frenchmen simply surrendered the narrative to the Muslims who invaded and seized French cities.

Here’s how deeply have the Mahound’s disciples have enervated French society: Video from France 24 features a spokesman for the gendarmes called Reda Belhaj, who defended the cop as a highly decorated veteran. The lawyer for the “victim’s” family is Yassine Bouzou.

France 24 added this note, which the Leftist Mainstream Media appear to have missed. Cops had already arrested “Nahel M” twice for resisting arrest. 

So yet another recalcitrant Muslim gets himself killed, and cities go up in flames. 

Well, at least Frenchmen can say that diversity is their strength.


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