Great Replacement Update / El Paso Border Invasion: Video Shows Massive Rush Toward Border
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If Traitor Joe Biden gets his way, in another few weeks, El Paso might no longer be an American city. It will be a Venezuelan slum. Recent video from Univision shows Biden’s Great Replacement illegals, most of them Venezuelans, madly storming the border.

El Paso Matters offered details:

Hundreds of migrants spent the night stranded on a strip of land and overgrown grass between the Rio Grande and the concertina wire fence installed by the Texas National Guard on Tuesday waiting to enter the United States to request asylum. …

Most arrived at the border by train and managed to get around an operation deployed Tuesday by Mexico’s National Migration Institute in conjunction with the municipal police and the Mexican National Guard. Carrying batons and firearms, officers from the various agencies set up a human chain and lined their vehicles along the river to prevent migrants from crossing into the United States.

But a large group of migrants rushed past them, and once on U.S. territory, set up makeshift camps next to the concertina wire fence waiting to be allowed to continue toward the border wall and request asylum.

Large groups of migrants got past rows of law enforcement agents and vehicles in Juarez and crossed the Rio Grande on Tuesday. Many camped out along the concertina wire fencing put up by the Texas National Guard.

The police operation was carried out a few hours after hundreds of migrants arrived at the Juárez border aboard the cargo train managed by Ferromex.

At about 1:30 p.m., dozens of migrants, primarily Venezuelans, got off the train cars after having traveled for days. The majority headed directly to the river, following rumors that they could surrender to the U.S. Border Patrol there. …

The operation was led by Manuel Alfonzo Marín Salazar, head of the migration institute in Chihuahua, who in statements to journalists said that the strong police presence was intended to ensure migration would be carried out in an orderly manner. The statement also said law enforcement agents sought to bring migrants to a shelter to prevent them from spending the night next to the Rio Grande.

[Migrants break past human wall, vehicle barriers in Juárez to get to U.S. side of Rio Grande, October 4, 2023]

El Paso is near collapse, with 2,000 illegals per day invading the city as of September 24 [El Paso, Texas ‘at a breaking point’ amid jump in migration, mayor says, by Sharon Bernstein, Reuters, September 24, 2023]

The city’s Migrant Situational Awareness Dashboard reports that the Border Patrol has released 25,276 illegals in the last three weeks, and otherwise depicts a city under siege.

Governor Greg Abbott is morally and legally obliged to protect the city. He must order the Tactical Border Force to seize control of and close the border, and arrest Border Patrol agents who obstruct him for violating state and federal law. Other governors must join him.

Abbott must provoke a secession crisis to stop the Biden Regime from destroying what’s left of our country.

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