Great Replacement Update / Campus Edition: Colleges, Universities Join Refugee Resettlement Racket
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Hardly a day goes by when one doesn’t run across a previously unknown subsidiary of the Treason Lobby’s refugee racket. James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, recently joined a branch of the racket called Every Campus a Refuge, which merits some scrutiny.

ECAR persuades campuses to house and feed the diseased, poverty-stricken refugees:

In response to Pope Francis’ call on every European parish to host one refugee family, Every Campus A Refuge was founded at Guilford College by Dr. Diya Abdo in September of 2015 to call on every college and university in the world to partner with their local refugee resettlement agencies to house refugees on campus grounds and assist them in resettlement.  The idea is that university and college campuses have everything necessary—housing, food, care, skills—to take in refugees and support them as they begin their lives in their new homes.

Since January of 2016, Guilford College, a very small liberal arts college in North Carolina, partnered with one of Greensboro’s local refugee resettlement agencies (CWS Greensboro) to host 66 refugees as well as 18 Afghan evacuees in Guilford College campus houses and apartments.

Abdo is a Palestinian refugee, invited here, of course, without consulting anyone who really cares about the country. And now she’s using campuses to house her ilk without, of course, consulting the mostly white parents and donors whose kids attend the schools and pay almost all the bills.

Among the institutions that have joined this Treason Lobby project are Siena, Lafayette, and Russell Sage colleges and Wake Forest University and Old Dominion universities.

And, of course, JMU in Harrisonburg, Virginia, a once-fine Republican city that, thanks to the university, has become a communist outpost in the Shenandoah Valley infested with freaks, weirdos, Muslims, Hispanic illegal aliens, and, of course, the Third World “refugees.”

JMU is proud to be able to support refugee families as they acclimate to the area and find ways to build a sustainable quality of life here. The university assists refugees with public transportation, mail services, and English conversation and other support.  

[JMU joins Every Campus A Refuge, Ginny Kramer,, May 19, 2023]

Wonderful. “JMU is proud” to continue ruining the city and surrounding county by helping Third World “migrants” establish a beachhead from which they will never be dislodged. One wonders how proud they’ll be when the “refugees” start raping the white girls on campus.

The news is no surprise. After St. Geoge Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting police, campus communists forced the school to rename Ashby, Maury, and Jackson halls—so named for General Turner Ashby, killed by Union troops on what is now the campus, Matthew Fontaine Maury, the Confederate Navy commander who invented modern oceanography, and, of course, General Stonewall Jackson, storied victor at Chancellorsville, where his own troops fatally wounded him [JMU Board of Visitors approves renaming three buildings named for Confederate leaders,, January 7, 2020].

Now those halls are named for unknown and undistinguished blacks [JMU leadership approves new names for three buildings on campus,, February 17, 2021].

All this has happened, by the way, under the administration of leftist, anti-white President Jonathan Alger.

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