Google Deunpersonizes Pat Buchanan
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A few weeks ago, we noticed that Google had rigged their little "prompting" system on the Google home page, where, as you type your search term, it offers up the most popular searches beginning with those letters. Oddly, Pat Buchanan had been relegated to Unperson status by Google, unlike Yahoo's and Bing's search engines where Buchanan was the second prompt for "Pat B" after only Pat Benatar.

Obviously, that wasn't the most crucial issue of our times, but it does say something when a super-rich and powerful near monopolist surreptitiously engages in petty political vendettas.

I concluded, "Ridicule is the best medicine."

And ridicule seems to have worked. Buchanan is now second on Google among the "Pat B" prompts, well ahead of the immortal Pat Buttram.

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