Good News from Loudoun County: Buta Biberaj (Just Barely) Loses Reelection Bid
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Earlier: Buta Biberaj Wins Reelection Nomination in Loudoun County; Vows Further “Progress”

As an epicenter of America’s demographic replacement, Loudoun County, Virginia, with a current population of over 450,000, carries special political significance. That’s why the narrow defeat on Tuesday of incumbent Democratic prosecutor Buta Biberaj by Republican challenger Bob Anderson should be seen, if indirectly, as a victory for immigration patriotism, not to mention rule of law.  

In separate articles this June (here and here), I noted at length the radicalism of Ms. Biberaj, an Albanian-born Muslim who had won election in 2019 largely on the strength of $922,000 from a George Soros–controlled Super PAC. She campaigned on her intent to end cash bail, “mass incarceration,” and mandatory minimum sentencing, and to give top priority to race and gender ”equity.“  

Once in office, Biberaj put into play some strange ideas of criminal justice.

In a highly publicized 2021 case, a “gender fluid” 14-year-old male high school student sexually assaulted a female student in a girls’ bathroom. The father of the girl, Scott Smith, incensed over Biberaj’s apparent lack of interest in prosecuting the case, was arrested during a county school board meeting on June 22, 2021. Biberaj personally prosecuted Smith for obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct, but was removed by a state judge in September 2022 on grounds of lack of impartiality. Smith, who received a suspended 10-day sentence on the obstruction charge (later dismissed on appeal), was pardoned for disorderly conduct this September 8 by Governor Glenn Youngkin.  

As for the transgendered lad, he was transferred to a nearby high school, where he assaulted a female student there as well. He would be sentenced in January 2022 to a juvenile treatment center.

Grown women also had to look extra hard to get justice under Buta Biberaj. In October 2021, after a domestic abuse suspect out on bond allegedly murdered his wife with a hammer, revelations surfaced that Biberaj had dismissed hundreds of domestic violence cases with little or no justification.

Though increasingly unpopular, Biberaj ran for reelection this year. She easily won the Democratic primary in June against another woman of the Left, former Loudoun County Public Defender Elizabeth Lancaster. She would face a tougher general election opponent in Bob Anderson, who had been county prosecutor during 1996-2003. He was running to depoliticize the office, which he termed “broken” and “non-functioning.”

The race was close. Biberaj enjoyed sizable support from Asian and Hispanic residents, whose share of the total county population during 2000-2020 had risen, respectively, from 5 to 21 percent and from 6 to 14 percent; the Indian presence has been particularly visible. Aided by explicitly anti-white policies of the Biden administration, these figures, if anything, are higher now.

Bob Anderson prevailed, though with little room to spare. By Wednesday morning, November 8, he was leading Biberaj by 1,021 votes, or a 0.76 percent margin, with all votes tallied. His campaign tweeted:

The People of Loudoun Co have spoken and last night they chose Bob Anderson as their next Commonwealth’s Attorney. As of now, all mailed in, early voting, and day of ballots of voters that have been cast have been counted. There are no outstanding ballots at this moment.

Unless Buta Biberaj requests a recount—under Virginia law, the losing candidate must pay for one if the margin of defeat is greater than 0.5 percent—she’ll be gone come January. Given the ongoing radicalization of America’s law schools, she won’t lack for employment offers.  

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