Buta Biberaj Wins Reelection Nomination In Loudoun County; Vows Further “Progress”
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Demographic revolutions, not to mention loads of cash, have political consequences. And Loudoun County, Virginia, now with a population heading toward the half-million mark, once again is in the spotlight of political reality.

On Tuesday, June 20, Buta Biberaj, the county’s radical Commonwealth’s Attorney who first won office in 2019 on the strength of nearly $1 million in campaign donations from multibillionaire George Soros, was renominated in the Democratic Party primary. She defeated her opponent, Elizabeth Lancaster, a former public defender, by 55.8 percent to 44.2 percent, with virtually all votes tallied.

Celebrating the result, she took an implicit swing at her Republican opponent in November, Bob Anderson, who had served as Commonwealth’s Attorney during 1996-2003. She positioned herself as a commonsense public servant:

My Republican opponent ran the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office in the 1990s, and he wants to bring back the old way of doing things that cost taxpayers money and failed to provide the services we need. This election is a choice between going back to the past on criminal justice or continuing to build on the progress we’ve made since 2019.

We know that MAGA Republicans have made Loudoun County a target, and they will do anything they can to try to stop our progress. They’ve launched disinformation campaigns—and they failed. They launched three recall campaigns—and they failed. They tried to intervene in this primary—and they failed. And we will make sure that they fail again in November, and that Loudoun voters have the final decisions about how justice works in our county.

[Loudoun County prosecutor Buta Biberaj wins reelection nomination in Virginia Democratic primary, AP/Fox5DC, June 21, 2023]

This might work as red meat for her base, but it is little more than moral cover for her avowed redefinition of her job as an advocate for “diversity” and “equity.” Most egregiously, Ms. Biberaj has given clear indications of downplaying, if not ignoring, a pair of nationally publicized cases involving a transgendered male high school student in the community of Ashburn. The unnamed male—or was he a female?—in May 2021 had sexually assaulted a female classmate in a bathroom and then, following a transfer to a nearby high school, committed a similar crime five months later. As both schools are within walking distance of my home, you can believe that my neighbors were plenty perturbed. A trip to the loo should not be an adventure for any girl.

As I noted here a little over a week ago, Scott Smith, the father of one of those girls, was wrestled to the floor by sheriff’s deputies at a school board meeting for protesting too vigorously. He would be charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, convicted, and then given a (suspended) 10-day sentence. He currently is appealing the disorderly conduct conviction.

County Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler, meanwhile, would be fired last December after a review of the situation had concluded that he lied about his knowledge of the first assault. Ziegler claimed that he did not possess the necessary information. Did Ms. Biberaj withhold that information? As someone close to a local group specializing in terrorizing local parents, Loudoun Love Warriors, this needs to be investigated.

Voters had the chance to fire Buta Biberaj for this and other evidence of politicizing of her office. But they didn’t. Indeed, her 56-44 percent primary victory was well higher than her narrow election victory in November 2019. And it might have been even wider had this been a closed primary.

So how did she pull it off? Amid potential explanations, three stand out.

First, voter turnout was low. Of the 290,135 registered voters in Loudoun County, a mere eight percent had cast a ballot in the Biberaj-Lancaster contest as of 10:15 P.M., Tuesday night. Widespread apathy inevitably works to the advantage of ideological zealots, of whom Biberaj is one. Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, for example, won election in a landslide in 2013, and then reelection in 2017, each time with less than 20 percent of all eligible voters showing up.

Second, Biberaj overwhelmingly outspent Lancaster, herself a woman of the Left. As of June 8, she had raised over $500,000, compared to her opponent’s $15,000. Whether or not Soros chipped in this time, the funding discrepancy was too enormous for Lancaster to overcome.

Third, and most crucially, Loudoun County is a microcosm for the nation’s Great Replacement, which is assuredly fact and not rumor. The Asian portion of the county population during 2000-20 increased from 5 percent to 21 percent, while the Hispanic portion rose from 6 to 14 percent. Each of these minority meta-groups votes solidly Democrat, a party committed to expanding our anti-white welfare state. Buta Biberaj, though a Muslim ethnic Albanian, might have benefited from a perception among racial minorities that she is “one of them.”

Biberaj’s opponent, Republican Bob Anderson, has come out of retirement. He has vowed to depoliticize the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s mission. No doubt he’ll have the backing of many longtime residents. The problem is that the old-timers themselves are now a minority group.


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