Getting Away With Murder: Angela Davis vs. O.J. Simpson
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Angela Davis and O.J. Simpson are two of the most famous people in America to have been tried for murder and acquitted.

Here’s a question: 50 years after Judge Harold Haley had his head blown off by a shotgun purchased by Dr. Angela Davis two days before, is there even a theory explaining how Davis could not have committed felony murder?

Of course, in the opinion of the jury, the prosecution failed to prove Davis was involved in murder beyond a reasonable doubt, just as the jury felt that the prosecution failed to prove Simpson was a murderer beyond a reasonable doubt.

But … I at least hear clever theories excusing OJ from his supporters, but not from Angela Davis’s many fans, who tend to be better placed in the media.

There aren’t any plausible theories for OJ’s innocence, but at least a few new ones have been generated, like he was taking the rap for a loved one.

For Angela Davis, I haven’t heard any theories rationalizing how the murder weapon she bought 2 days earlier got into the hands of her imprisoned boyfriend’s 17-year-old brother without her being culpable.

Sure, you or I could say that young Jonathan Jackson stole the murder weapon from Davis, but, as far as I know, she has never said the younger Jackson was a thief. Instead, she seems to want him remembered as a martyr to international communism’s struggle with white supremacy or whatever.

Or you could argue that somebody else was the brains behind the operation and Davis, who was a student of Herbert Marcuse and earned a Ph.D. in philosophy at a famous East German university in Berlin, was just a dupe, a dimwitted patsy outsmarted by, say, a 17 year old.

I mean, say what you want about the tenets of this contention, but at least it’s a theory.

In contrast, Angela Davis’ many admirers in the media and academia never seem to use their positions of influence to advance alternative theories about what really happened in August 1970. Instead, the whole topic of the judge’s head being blown off with Dr. Davis’s shotgun just … never … comes up. It would be … unseemly to mention the decapitated judge, so the media just ignores the whole thing as if it never happened.

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