Gaston Phebus Says Bonjour
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We recently added to our blogroll Le Blog de Gaston Ph?©bus, maintained by a French immigration reform patriot. He sends this message to VDARE.COM readers:
France is even more afflicted by immigration problems than the US, in part because her immigrants are mostly non-Christian (Muslim), which causes much deeper cultural and behavioral incompatibilities– especially around the issue of violence. I publish in French, and provide in-depth analyses of such controversial topics as the IQ of immigrants, how a nominally democratic government can run a full-steam pro-immigration propaganda machine, and the origins of the welfare state which has been such a powerful immigration magnet.

Compared to France, the US is still a relatively free country, at least in the matter of immigration speech. There are many laws designed to choke us here, many of them emanating from the European Union, plus governmental offices likes the newly-created HALDE [literally, the High Authority of the Law Against Discrimination and For Equality], whose considerable budget is solely devoted to hunting down people like us, and then government-subsidized NGOs with a lot of access to the media, which are staffed with virulent pro-immigrationists keen on doing a public lynching every now and then.

As a consequence, all politically incorrect blogs written by French people are hosted on American internet service providers! In addition, the norm for people like me in France is to post under a pseudonym. For mine, I chose Gaston Ph?©bus, a (locally) famous medieval hero.

We welcome Gaston Ph?©bus and look forward to working with him!
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