Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8) unmasked
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Friday’s Congressional Candidate debate in Arizona’s 8th district flushed out Gabrielle Giffords as the fully-fledged Open-Borders fanatic that she is:

Congresswoman says so-called anchor babies...nothing more than a "red herring" (pushes amnesty again) by Dave Gibson October 23rd 2010

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and Republican challenger Jesse Kelly… were asked about the effort …to end the policy of birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens….

Kelly said that Congress could simply pass a measure clarifying the 14th Amendment to only bestow citizenship on the children of those here legally.

Giffords, then called the issue a "red herring," saying that passing such a measure was too difficult to even contemplate and the chances of Congress acting were "almost nonexistent."

Giffords then began talking once again about the need for a better guest worker program and ”comprehensive immigration reform.” In other words…amnesty!

In another account of the debate Dist. 8 foes sound off on mine, citizenship Rhonda Bodfield Arizona Daily Star Saturday, October 23,2010 Giffords is quoted saying

"Instead of attacking people, attacking the Constitution, why don't we just fix the problem?"

No law changes and no ”attacks” - aka inconveniencing of illegals — what else can ”fix the problem” mean but Amnesty?

Giffords (NumbersUSA career grade D+) likes to pretend to be reasonable on immigration, but in fact she is a dedicated servant of the Treason lobby. (Her opponent has been classified by NumbersUSA as a ”True Reformer" .)

What at first might be thought to be comic relief in the race has been supplied by ALIPAC's Kelly endorsement sparks ugly accusations Oct 22 2010

Some Democrats are accusing Republican challenger Jesse Kelly of having ties to white supremacists, after a controversial political action committee called Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) gave Kelly its endorsement

In reality, ALIPAC is of course notoriously squeamish in this area, which is indirectly what triggered Proprietor Bill Gheen’s sissy fit against a few months ago.

But it is not funny. While few AZ-8 voters are likely to be much impressed, Giffords is Jewish. The allegation is probably intended to induce co-religionists to further bolster her already substantial funding advantage.

Notwithstanding this, Real Clear Politics says Kelly is ”probably the favorite

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