Fraternity Row Mourns St. George
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I was at UCLA today and walking along Fraternity Row, I was struck by all huge signs celebrating the new faith, such as a big painting of the lovely Mr. Floyd and a banner reading:

A riot is the voice of the unheard — BLM

After all, who ever previously heard black voices? It’s not like there’s a major genre of popular music that consists of loquacious blacks talking at you.

Anyway, it seems pretty obvious that the Cult of St. George was generated out of locked-down young people, such as fraternity boys and sorority girls, needing a societally approved excuse to get out and party. Young people need to get out.

The problem is that Modern Sanctimoniousness means everybody is supposed to take the cause seriously.

I’ve been wondering about analogies between the post-May 24 madness of mourning the death of some drugged-up bouncer as if he were Martin Luther King and the medieval custom of celebrating a Feast of Fools in which a simpleton was elected Pope for a Day and other inversions of the social order were enjoyed.

After ten weeks of lockdown, people needed an excuse to get out and party, and the martyrdom of St. George served its purpose.

But medieval folks found the Feast of Fools to be funny, if Victor Hugo’s account can be believed:

In 2020, however, nobody gets the joke.

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