Frank Rich demands: Whites Shut up, Surrender.
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Apparently the Big Feet at the New York Times have decided it is time to do some White-stomping. After Thomas Friedman's uncouth gloating about Asians winning most of the prizes at 2010 Intel Science Talent Search last week, Frank Rich has thrown a tantrum about his perception that the stalwart opposition to Obamacare stemmed from

fears of disenfranchisement among a dwindling and threatened minority in the country

AKA Whites.

The Rage Is Not About Health Care The New York Times March 27 2010

Rich exults:

they want to take the country back…They can't. Demographics are avatars of a change bigger than any bill contemplated by Obama or Congress. The week before the health care vote, The Times reported that births to Asian, black and Hispanic women accounted for 48 percent of all births in America in the 12 months ending in July 2008. By 2012, the next presidential election year, non-Hispanic white births will be in the minority.

Of course, there is no reason why the demographic disaster which has struck America in recent decades should inevitably result in political transformation. Children don't vote and neither do non-citizens — a key element in Switzerland’s self-defense. As Peter Brimelow has been saying since his first National Review articles, America is being transformed by policy — the effective suspension of immigration controls by the country’s ruling elite. Curtailment of the immigration inundation and terminating the Birthright Citizenship misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment could set the pendulum swinging back quite quickly.

But it would take will, and a conscious decision by White Americans to protect their interests.

Signs that this is developing trigger poisonous rage in Rich. No doubt complacent that his own circle will do fine in a multi-ethnic America (probably a huge error) Rich et al are determined to hold the line that for Americans whites to look after themselves politically is immoral and forbidden.

Why? The Obamacare legislation undeniably was a massive seizure and transfer of resources from Whites to Blacks and Hispanics. As Steve Sailer documented last night, education policy has also been commandeered to be a similar shift of resources away from whites. Why should they not object?

Why can't Americans have a Netanyahu?

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