FOREIGN AFFAIRS: "A World Without Borders"
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Donald Trump’s election has led to a spasm of efforts by globalist elites to articulate their previously largely unspoken ideology that I’d been warning about for so many years. For example, from Foreign Affairs:
A World Without Borders Richer, Fairer, and More Free

February 28, 2017

By Nathan Smith

Across the West today, a rising populist right is blaming established elites for letting in too many immigrants. The immigrants, the populists complain, lower wages, dilute the local culture, and pose a threat to national security. But even as anti-immigrant sentiment gains ground, a small but growing band of open borders advocates is reaching the opposite conclusion: Western elites aren’t letting in too many immigrants—they are letting in too few. These advocates, including the author, call for a regime of nearly complete freedom of migration worldwide, with rare exceptions for preventing terrorism or the spread of contagious disease. Borders would still exist in such a world, but as jurisdictional boundaries rather than as barriers to human movement. Ending migration controls in this way would increase liberty, reduce global poverty, and accelerate economic growth. But more fundamentally, it would challenge the right of governments to regulate migration on the arbitrary grounds of sovereignty.

Sovereignty is the New Racism. It must be abolished.

I’d comment on the rest of the article as well, except, ironically, it’s behind a paywall:

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