"For a Migrant Airlift to U.S." Proclaims Resident of Del Mar, CA
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Del Mar, CA

A Letter-to-the-Editor published in today’s New York Times:
For a Migrant Airlift to U.S. APRIL 24, 2015

To the Editor:

Re “Europe’s Duty on Migrants” (editorial, April 21): While it may be convenient to place responsibility for migrants created by the Arab Spring and North African political instability on the European Union, it shirks a responsibility that should also be borne by more distant countries. A migrant airlift could decompress the disaster facing a few Mediterranean countries overwhelmed by refugees seeking their shores.

America and other countries do not deserve a pass as your editorial spells out “Europe’s Duty” to the rushing tide of refugees.


Del Mar, Calif.

A Del Mar resident contemplates the injustice of life in front of his $39,500,000 house

As you may have noticed, I’ve been posting a lot of hyperbolic African population graphs lately.

So, for something completely different, here’s a screenshot of what Google puts up when you ask about the population of Dr. Shapiro’s Del Mar, the paradisiacal North San Diego County beach community that’s home to a lot of rich people.

(By the way, Zillow lists asking prices for residences in Del Mar ranging from one unit at a mere $975,000 on up to $39,500,000.)

Screenshot 2015-04-24 23.28.13

It’s almost as if Dr. Shapiro and the other residents of Del Mar like things just the way they are and don’t want a lot of outsiders moving in.

So, while Dr. Shapiro may be all for Americans, in general, taking in zillions of Africans, history suggests that not many of them would wind up in his municipality

Dr. Shapiro is a retired USCD neurosurgeon and former mayor of Del Mar. In other words, he’s smart enough to know better, but who, these days, will tell him? He assumes that the Snow Crash Raft is the result of refugees fleeing temporary political instability in Arab and North African countries, rather than by the long-term lack of contraceptive use by sub-Saharan Africans.

I’m riffing on Del Mar because a philanthropic zillionaire I know used to own a house four doors in from the the beach there, and he used to gallantly let me stay for free a few nights per year in his mother-in-law studio studio apartment in the backyard. It was the one place I could afford to vacation. In the top picture of this post you can see a restaurant on the sand where my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary a few years back, and then I taught her how to boogie board the next day.

But my patron of the intellectual arts friend sold his Del Mar house when Jerry Brown raised his taxes, so I haven’t been able to afford a non-working vacation in the years since I lost access to this kind freebie. On the other hand, I have a pretty nice life right where I am, writing for you about 345 to 350 days per year, so things like vacations are a luxury for me compared to priorities like getting my peeling house painted so my neighbors stop looking at me so funny. [VDARE.com note: To Make a Tax Deductible Contribution to Steve Sailer Click Here. ]

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