There Are Lots More Potential Anti-Semitic Terrorists Where Amedy Coulibaly's Family Came from
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Amedy Coulibaly


With mass migration from Africa to Europe much in the news, it’s worth looking into the background of the late Amedy Coulibaly. He was the anti-Semitic Islamist terrorist who followed up the Charlie Hebdo massacre by murdering four hostages at a kosher grocery store in Paris after first killing a policeman. Wikipedia notes:

Coulibaly was born in Juvisy-sur-Orge, a suburb south-east of Paris, into a Malian Muslim immigrant family. He was the only boy, with nine sisters. He grew up on a housing estate, La Grande Borne, in Grigny, south of Paris.

Starting at the age of 17, he was convicted five times for armed robbery and at least once for drug trafficking. A report by a psychiatric expert prepared for a Parisian court found Coulibaly had an “immature and psychopathic personality” and “poor powers of introspection.”

Note that Coulibaly was born France into a family of ten children. So he was a second generation terrorist. In other words, these are not short-term problems that the current mass migration across the Mediterranean is aggravating.

Mali is a large patch of dirt in the Western Sahara and Sahel, the home of the famously remote city of Timbuktu.

For a long time, few people lived there.

But now the population, which is said to be 94.8% Islamic, is exploding due to a total fertility rate of 6.16 babies per woman per lifetime in 2014. Here’s the UN’s 2012 population projections for Mali v. France:

Population Mali v France

By the way, the UN’s Population Division assumes that immigration into France from places like Mali will not speed up, and in fact will moderate. Although we keep being told that Nothing Can Be Done to stop the Camp of the Saints currently taking place in the Mediterranean, the UN demographers assume that Something Will Happen that will prevent all but a few of the vast number of Coulibaly kin from pouring into Europe and turning France into a banlieue of Mali.

Australia has put policies into place that have radically reduced the number of people even trying to sail there. Israel has such effective policies that nobody even thinks about sailing there. So, it can be done.

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