Tucker Carlson And Kari Lake On The Illegal Alien Vote
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VDare has documented the “rotten boroughs” effect for years. Put enough illegal aliens in a Congressional district in a blue state, and that ensures more representatives from the blue state.  It’s definitely one of the Democrats’ strategies to dominate the Stupid Party. 

More recently, Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote appeared on Tucker Carlson claiming that a loophole in the law would allow aliens (whether legal or not) to vote so long as the illegals believed they were citizens. 

Exposed: Loophole in U.S. Law Allows Illegals to Vote Without Penalty, Tucker Carlson on Rumble, May 8, 2024. 

It has been documented that at least one NGO in Mexico is telling illegal aliens to vote for Joe Biden. 

Here’s MTG confronting Alejandro Mayorkas on it:

Now, Senate candidate Kari Lake is claiming that they have a new strategy. They get the illegal aliens to register to vote, but the alien does not actually vote.  By registering to vote, someone else can vote in their stead. This would mean the alien did not technically break the law since they did not actually vote.  Registering to vote is not a crime, but voting as a non-citizen would be. The purpose of this is it would allow another nefarious actor to come in and vote in the alien’s name. 

The Left is getting in front of the problem by going on the offensive and attacking those “Far Right Republicans” who would dare question our totally secure elections. Sure, they admit, it happens, but it is “extremely rare” and illegal in “nearly” all cases [Noncitizen voting is extremely rare. Republicans are focusing on it anyway. Washington Post, May 9, 2024]. 

The familiar tactic, they tell you it doesn’t happen, then admit it does happen, but rarely, and then it will be that it happens but not enough to sway an election, finally, “Shut up, you racist!!!” 


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