Following Refugee Industry Conference, REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT WATCH Reaches Ghastly Realization
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The indefatigable (and unpaid) Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch took a day to attend the 12th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference held on Thursday at the Georgetown University Law Center. The event was co sponsored by the Immigration-boosting Catholic Legal Immigration Network.

Ann has posted a 3,300 word set of notes from which I take a few highlights below. But more importantly exposure to such insalubrious company caused her to reach a ghastly conclusion

…for most of my years writing this blog, I tended to focus on problems with LEGAL immigration programs and keep the topic somewhat separate from the battles over ILLEGAL immigration I have come to realize that the other side—those FOR mass migration— makes no such distinction.  They are all working together to flood America with migrants no matter how they get here…

It is unrestrained MASS MIGRATION (and wide open borders) that they all want and they are all working together toward that end while those of us concerned with the numbers assiduously kept the two issues separate. NO more!

Don’t let the pundits and the politicians (and the likes of Fox News) make the distinction either—Legal immigration is pure as the driven snow and Illegal is bad…this is about MASS MIGRATION straight-up!  They are changing America by changing the people! The illegal immigrants and the refugees are simply pawns.  This is about power, not humanitarianism.

Washington DC gathering of Open Borders Activists/lawyers was revealing October 30, 2015

Peter Brimelow of course reached this conclusion when researching Alien Nation 20 years ago as he recounted later in “SWEPT AWAY – Unfettered immigration is rapidly shifting the ethnic and political balance of the United States. Republicans beware.” But he approached the issue as a political analyst. Ann I understand got involved as a concerned citizen appalled at the costs and problems caused by refugee dumping in her hometown. She is to be applauded for recognizing the Big Picture.

And she is to be applauded for her wonderful work. The Treason Lobby has realized that exploiting the compassion of White Christendom enables nation-breaking inflows to be engineered long after the fallacious economic arguments for mass immigration have ceased to persuade. Hence Obama’s Kidinvasion and Merkel’s Betrayal. So the detailed critiques supplied by Refugee Resettlement Watch are indispensable for enlightening the Public.

Ann’s account of this anti-American scheming session is packed with gems and warrants reading in full. Here are a few

  • Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said…in the last fiscal year, we had the lowest number of apprehensions on the border since 9/11 and that is a good thing. The administration is working hard on 9 out of 10 executive orders because they want to be sure America has “no second class people” and that America “celebrates diversity.” When asked about security screening for Syrian refugees…it was clear by what came out of Johnson’s mouth that he didn’t know what he was talking about.
  • Some valuable questions were asked by James Simpson of the Center for Security Policy whose work has been discussed by Brenda Walker in New Publication: How Immigration and Refugee Resettlement Are Used as a Weapon against America. The moderator reacted to this by cutting short discussion and eventually stopped calling on him.
  • The “Trump phenomenon” has them obviously shaken and they are trying to figure out how to cope with it.  The phrase “Trump phenomenon” was practically the first words out of Ms. Meissner’s mouth when she opened the session. Panelist Fawn Johnson said that due to the “Trump phenomenon” she predicted nothing would get done in Congress this fall on immigration reform.  She said that the House Republicans do not want to talk about immigration …A woman identifying herself as being with a Catholic group of some sort said she had a workman at her home recently, a black workman, who told her he and his friends are voting for Trump.  He told her they talk about it almost every day as they are concerned about the Hispanics here illegally who are taking their jobs and getting away with breaking the law.  (A murmur rippled through the audience at this comment indicating, I think, a fear that deep down they know that these black working class men are right!).
The Lunchtime Keynote speaker was the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees who spent his time explaining the plans to widen the definition of ‘refugee’ to accelerate inflows.

Thank Ann Corcoran for this wonderful piece of work.

The Refugee Industry is not just a scam and a fraud – it has become a lethal threat to viability of America and all the white nations (the others don’t do refugees).

We need to shut it down immediately.

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