Bye-Bye To Donna Zuckerberg's Eidolon Classics Mag
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iSteve commenter Elephant in the Wash Room points out that iSteve content generator Donna Zuckerberg is exhausted from the emotional labor of publishing her Woke Ancient Greece and Rome website:

Maybe someone else has already mentioned this, but it appears that the horrors of the Trump regime has gotten the better of Sailer’s favorite Classicist, Donna Zuckerberg, who’s closing down her Eidolon journal. Apparently, life can wear down even the sister of somebody worth $100 billion. Go figure.

How can I spend my energy reading Greek and Latin when a pandemic has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans? How can I read and think slowly and carefully when there’s no justice for the murderers of Breonna Taylor and countless others, and when the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg means that our judicial system will be even more an enemy of real justice in the future? How can I write coherent sentences when I think about the growing danger of an autocratic coup by the Trump administration?

How indeed?

But I’m also exhausted. Running Eidolon is a lot of (largely uncompensated) work for me and for my team. With our rigorous editing process, publishing between 50 and 100 essays a year has been fairly labor-intensive, although it’s been a labor of love. But the past six months have sapped my emotional reserves and put extraordinary demands on my time and energy, and my work has suffered as a result. I didn’t feel that I could handle this job and my other responsibilities.

Apparently, running leftist journals is yet another job that even American plutocrats are unwilling to do. Think of all those articles about the intersection of Classical studies and critical race theory that are now being left to rot on the vine. Surely, among all those unwashed masses flooding across the border, there’s one with the pluck and drive to keep the rigorous editing process of leftist scholarship going?

Hopefully, Donna can find some other useful outlet for her myriad talents, whatever they may be.

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