Flight From White To Fame: Buffy Sainte Marie And The Pretendians
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Famous—almost literally iconic—Canadian Indian songstress Buffy Sainte Marie turns out to be, as investigated by Canada’s national news network, not only white, but American!

Mary Katherine Hamm tweets:

Ms. Hamm goes on:

Read the whole thing. She seems to have made this up out of whole cloth, insulting her birth parents, claiming at least three different tribal ancestries from wildly different places, insinuated herself into a prominent Canadian indigenous family claiming maybe to be their long-lost daughter, and then made up allegations of assault with which to threaten her brother when a reporter asked him why he looked so white and he said it was bc he and his sister are white, and she’s not adopted.

She threatened her brother with law suits to protect her important and pioneering work as the, wait for it, first indigenous representation on “Sesame Street.” Stunning and brave.

Here’s Sainte Marie on Sesame Street, from Season 11, 1979-1980.

She looks fairly realistic as an Indian to me, but that may be partly make-up. And the reason Ms. Hamm says “I am begging white chicks to stop doing this“ is because it’s disgraceful for a white person to commit what Steve Sailer calls Affirmative Action Fraud. But there’s money in it, as Hamm says (Links added):

But the many honorary degrees, internat’l recognition, success, children’s program pioneering, & designing of educational curricula on indigenous people probably outweigh my request.

The thing is, while it’s sad to be an actual Indian, with alcoholism (hereditary and endemic among Native Indians) reservation life, high levels of child abuse, suicides, and violence, almost all committed by other Indians, and low average IQ, if you are a white person with talent, you can supercharge your career by pretending to have overcome all of the above.

And of course, you get to play the victim, rather than the evil white person. This is the point Steve Sailer made recently in Why Did Self-Identifiying Native Americans Incease 85% From 2010 To 2020? It Couldn’t Be Flight From White, Now Could It?

Here are some examples

And here’s an unusual case: Michelle Latimer’s father told her she had Indian ancestry, and when people questioned that (she wasn’t raised on a reservation) she apologized for not “confirming“ her ancestry, a mistake. As Vox Day points out in his book SJWs Always Lie, you should never do this. Her film, Inconvenient Indian, which seems to be the usual anti-white propaganda, “was set to have its international premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, but was indefinitely pulled from distribution by the National Film Board of Canada while Latimer’s identity is investigated,“ according to WikiPedia.

After that, she had careful genealogical investigations done, and found “indigenous“ ancestry on both sides of her family, see ’All I can do is speak my truth’: Filmmaker Michelle Latimer breaks her silence after Indigenous ancestry controversy, by Barry Hertz, Globe and Mail, May 11, 2021.

The point here is that in spite of never having been discriminated against in any way for being Indian, she could be a success in media as an aggrieved victim. But when suspected of being white, she was, at least temporarily, a pariah.

Indians, while suffering much from being Indians, have a lot of explicitly racial privileges. Apparently, there are lot of mostly Leftist white women who are willing to horn in on that.

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