Biden Child (Sex?) Trafficking Atrocity Getting Worse. But You Can Protest!
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The Office of Refugee Resettlement, incredibly, is proposing to eradicate the limited restraints on cross-border Child Trafficking. Find out how to comment below.

Earlier this month I posted COULD The Biden Regime POSSIBLY Have Ramped Up The Unaccompanied Child (UAC) Program… To Supply Pedophile Rings?

This discussed the ominous fact the Biden Mob has massively expanded the admission of unaccompanied children across the Border. Unlike in earlier years, they (i.e., you) are mainly transporting them to ”sponsors” to whom the children are not related and whom they do not know. And despite the fact that lower-ranking officials are definitely aware that many are being delivered to the sex industry.

Much of this essay was a written synopsis of a chilling 47-minute podcast by the Center For Immigration Studies: Unaccompanied and Unsafe: Biden Policies Facilitate Exploitation and Abuse of Child Migrants, bJessica M. Vaughan and Tara Lee Rodas, October 12, 2023, also available on YouTube. (Links on timestamps will open in YouTube at the time stated.)

Jessica Vaughan is Director of Policy Studies for CIS and Tara Lee Rodas is an extraordinarily heroic Federally employed whistle-blower.

This was a very detailed discussion. But both ladies put sex-trafficking front and center of their concerns. They mentioned it repeatedly. For instance, at 10:05 Rodas tells of a young girl complaining she did not know the woman she had been placed with, who was pimping her out. At 15:58 she tells of a young man who picked up his alleged “sister,” only to be seen on social media a week later in a “sexy embrace” with her. Apparently, he had imported a mistress/sex slave.

I said:

My theory: Perverts in the Biden Administration and their friends in the prostitution Industry pushed through these changes, for their profit and pleasure. In this depraved Age, of course, little boys are as vulnerable as little girls.

This ugly thought was supported with facts by Pádraic O’Bannon in Maybe the Biden Regime IS Sex Trafficking Kids. After All, It Hired An Advocate For Underage Homosexual Prostitution.

At 44:55 in the Podcast Jessica Vaughan announces that the Office of Refugee Resettlement has floated a proposed regulation which would essentially eradicate what limited restraints there are on this child trafficking. They want to make vetting sponsors optional, permit sponsors to pick up children at the border, and further preclude States from trying to impose their own (much tighter) regulation on fostering and sponsoring.

There is a comment period on this regulation, ending December 4th.

Strangely, there appears to be no viable link to this opportunity on the CIS website. But courtesy @taraleerodas I found it via the America’s Future website: Unaccompanied Children Program Foundational Rule, Federal Register ,10/04/2012. The actual comment link is here.

Here’s Tara Lee Rodas on the proposed Rule Change:

In the CIS Podcast, Tara Lee Rodas says forthrightly that the whole program should be shut down.

She also makes two other suggestions.

At 43:20 she recommends the Trafficked in America video which deals with the shockingly harsh treatment of working UAC children in Ohio.

At 43:55 she recommends the Sound of Freedom movie, which deals with the recruitment of child victims in their native countries.

The last 5 minutes of this audio is a good summary, if that is all the time you can spare.

Perhaps you have to have children to be fully impacted by this scandal. Even if it were shut down tomorrow, the reverberations will grow for years.

History may well judge this the worst of the Biden scandals.


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