Hate Crimes and Speech: Noose Closing
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A key reason why we at VDARE.com so strongly disliked S.909, the Hate Crimes Bill outrageously coat-tailed through as part of last summer's Defense spending legislation, was that we realized it would eventually metastasize to inhibit speech.

That was why the lavishly-funded Immigration Restraint operations - FAIR, the CIS, and NumbersUSA  - should have opposed it.

But, surprise! They did not have the courage.

A classical proof we were right has surfaced on the West Coast: Sharp increase in hate crimes 'against every group' By JOEL CONNELLY SEATTLEPI.COM Thursday February 25, 2010

This essay, which opens with a total lie:

He hoped to be the Obama Administration's "Maytag repairman" — available but rarely called on. But Tom Perez finds the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Rights Division dealing with a sharp increase in hate crimes.

is about an interview with ObamaThug Tom Perez , the son of Dominican immigrants, who has made a career as a professional spoils-gatherer for minorities, as Steve Sailer has noted. The Perez nomination was delayed last year because of his suspected involvement in Panthergate.

Proving that he has not assimilated to Anglo-Saxon free speech tradition, all Perez' specific examples that hate crimes are increasing involve opinion, not action

He voiced concern, in particular, that hate crimes directed at Latinos are "on the rise" and recounted a prosecution recently brought in Trenton, N.J., against "DevilFish" — a man sending e-mail threats to leaders of the National Council of La Raza and other Hispanic leaders.

Why? "They had the audacity to stand up for immigration reform," Perez said. "We sent the FBI out to the guy to say, essentially, 'Cut it out! Stop your behavior.' But he only redoubled what he had been doing."

Even worse!

At the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, immigration foe and former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo charged that President Obama was elected because "we do not have a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country." He drew a sustained ovation.

And the ultimate horror!!!

The Chicago Sun-Times ran a three-day series, "Nuevo Chicago," on young Hispanics in the Chicago area. Its Web editors had to shut down commentary on the site due to a profusion of racist comments.

In a commentary entitled "Bashers forget they were once immigrants," the Sun-Times commented: "Bigots love the anonymity of the Web, where they can say the dumbest things without getting punched in the nose"

(In the interest, no doubt, of open discussion, The Chicago Sun-Times seems to have taken down the original article.)

Without getting punched on the nose

Perhaps Perez agrees with The Chicago Sun-Times that political opponents should be physically repressed.

He certainly does not agree with VDARE

"We are all sons and daughters of immigrants," he said. "Immigrants have always been the lifeblood of this nation."

This is absolutely not true, literally, or politically.

But if you are an operative in what Peter Brimelow identified at the end of his 2009 CPAC essay as a minority occupation government, that is what you have to believe.

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