Kagan: Filibuster now or Impeach later
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Thanks RC, for sending me Key Republican previews case against Kagan By Julie Hirschfield Davis elpasotimes.com 8/02/2010.

The top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee is telling colleagues that Elena Kagan has a dangerous political approach to the law that makes her unfit for the Supreme Court. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama is previewing his case against Kagan in a letter to senators the day before the Senate begins debating her nomination

(Thanks also to the El Paso Times. Although an AP story, it is hard to find it carried elsewhere.) This letter (here) confirms that my favorite Senator is probably the most intellectually active conservative in the chamber. The full letter makes a devastating reasoned and documented case against Kagan

She has less real legal experience than any Supreme Court nominee in 50 years...Those who know and have worked with Ms. Kagan have said in no uncertain terms that she is a legal progressive...Her own testimony and the evidence presented confirmed that. It is all but certain that, if confirmed, Ms. Kagan will bring to the bench a progressive activist judicial philosophy which holds that unelected judges are empowered to set national policy from the bench. That anti-democratic philosophy is contrary to the rule of law, and views the Constitution's limits on and separation of powers as a roadblock to be evaded. Those who subscribe to it should not sit on the nation's judiciary, much less the Supreme Court of the United States.

In the wake of Federal Judge Bolton's tyrannical decision on Arizona's SB1070 this threat is one no Patriot can ignore. Kagan must be filibustered. Who knows how it might turn out? After all, what happened to Amnesty?

Unfortunately, the lap dogs and poodles in the allegedly conservative commentariat have come to heel behind the timid GOP Establishment. I am told there is silence on talk radio. Nothing of course at NRO except a throwaway line at the end of a meandering Tony Blankley essay over a month ago. And even Redstate.com's Erik Erickson has not repeated his brave call of mid July.

 An exception is at newswithviews.com

With economic news on Tuesday increasing the perception that the economy is faltering, Democrats up for re election in November - which is getting close - are in a terrifying position. And that is before their 800 lb Gorilla electoral problem is considered: American whites have figured out that President Obama is a nasty piece of work who dislikes them. There is a good chance the Democrats will break and run if filibustered.

 This cowardice on the part of the GOP/Conservative "leadership" now will have to be repaired by Impeachments later.

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