Feminism: Making Children Cry On Christmas Since 1969
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Steve With Fess Parker Rifle And Guided Missile
The Guardian reports a new triumph in the campaign to make it even harder for aunts and uncles to shop for toys their little nephews and nieces will like:
Meanwhile, the number of shops organising their toy departments into separate sections for boys and girls has fallen by 60% in the past year, following pressure on retailers from shoppers and campaigners, it has been claimed.

In the Spectator, Ed West turns to an international toy expert for insight:

The underlying concern is that girls are being pressured into a certain sexualised, submissive and ultra-feminine ideal, one that is based on looks and shopping. 
The reason for this development is that we have become much freer and richer. American blogger Steve Sailer has made the point that in the Victorian era when all kids got for Christmas was a tangerine and a lump of coal there wasn’t much opportunity for gendered toys. 
The term that Camille Paglia came up with for the common denominator behind what little boys want in toys is "projection." I can recall as a kid finding pretty awesome the motto: "Strategic Air Command: Projecting American Power Worldwide."

Judging from the toys in my old Christmas pictures,(above) I wanted to grow up to be Ramzan Kadyrov.
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