FBI Is Now The Muslim Police—Graffiti At Mosque Is A Federal Case?
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There was an incident of graffiti in a small Georgia town.  And it is not the police investigating the incident, but the FBI.  Now, no law enforcement agency in this country investigates graffiti.  But when graffiti involves a Muslim victim, but not perpetrator, the FBI is on the case.  

NBC 11 Atlanta May 28, 2013 

Vandalism At Islamic Center Possible Response To London Terrorism 

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Alpharetta police were in contact Tuesday evening with the Joint Terrorism Task Force after vandals painted over a sign at a mosque, with the possible reference to a recent attack in the U.K.  

At the Islamic Center of North Fulton, their sign was vandalized with white paint, reading "London Justice" on the front side. The rear of that same sign was also laced with white paint, reading "Where is Justice?" 

Alpharetta Police immediately contacted the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) because the vandalism happened at a place of worship. Dr. Mumtaz said FBI agents were at the Center investigating on Tuesday.

It is not as if there is a terrorism problem in the United States, or a problem with organized crime, or corrupt politicians, or IRS employees who are violating the civil rights of white Americans, that the FBI could be investigating. Such are real crimes that the FBI is required by law to investigate.  Graffiti is not one of those crimes that either Federal law or the Constitution authorizes the Federal government to investigate.  

The reporter in the video of this story was openly editorializing, claiming without any evidence that the mosque was unconnected to what they said was an "alleged terrorist."  This despite the fact that the terrorists who murdered a soldier in London admitted that their act was terrorism and that it was motivated by Islam.

So, there is a connection between the mosque and the non-alleged act of terrorism.  Islam is the connection.

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