Israel Solves Implementing "Blacks Out" Policy Problem
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Tel Aviv Sudanese doing jobs Israelis won't do.

As Steve Sailer has remarked

..much can be learned from Israel about how an intelligent people govern themselves.

On Sunday in a High Court proceeding

…state attorney Yochi Gensin said that Jerusalem struck a deal with an unnamed state that would take in Eritrean asylum seekers who entered Israel illegally. Another deal with two other countries, also unnamed, would ensure the deportation of illegal Sudanese immigrants from Israel, she claimed.

Israel claims unnamed African country will take in illegal Eritreans By Ilan Ben Zion The Times of Israel June 2, 2013

After the fall of President Mubarak in February 2011, the deal the Israelis apparently had with the Egyptians to police their Sinai frontier collapsed and they were faced with a flood of African immigrants. So they built a fence which appears to have been completely successful. The longer Haaretz account of Sunday Israel reaches deal with third state willing to absorb Eritrean migrants By IIlan Lior Jun 02, 2013 adds two  important facts:

Gnessin also said that the state was likely to reject close to 100 percent of all Eritrean migrants' requests for asylum.

( emphasis)

In 2011, the ratio of Eritrean migrants recognized worldwide as refugees was 74 percent.

and, highly relevant to the Fence debate

On Sunday the Population, Immigration and Border Authority announced that in May only two illegal migrants crossed the border, compared to 2,031 in May 2012.

The problem the Israelis have is that a considerable number of these “infiltrators” became resident in Tel Aviv in particular before the fence became effective. Under International law, people claiming refugee status are difficult to deport. Of course they are  causing the predictable problems. A very unusual American MSM account of this just appeared:  Israel grapples with wave of North African migrants By Dave Copeland, NBC News June 1, 2013 (nice video clip).

Locals in the south Tel Aviv neighborhoods of Neve Shanan and Shapira say about 40,000 of those migrants are living in their area alone.

They claim the local crime rate has risen and that many streets are no-go areas for Israelis, especially at night.

Anger has spilled over into outright violence in recent weeks. Early last month, about 1,000 Israelis took to the streets to demand that African immigrants be deported in the Tel Aviv neighborhood of Hatikva. The protesters yelled “Blacks out,” attacked Africans on the street and broke windows of stores belonging immigrants.

The link is to a U.K. Telegraph article Israeli anti-immigration riots hit African neighbourhood of Tel Aviv By Phoebe Greenwood 24 May 2012 which is actually a year old.  The NBC sub editors of course show deep geographical illiteracy in thinking Sudan and Eritrea are ‘North African’ in the generally accepted sense. applauds the Israeli authorities, who care about their people.

We do not applaud the American.


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