Failing Upward
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A reader writes regarding the video of the gang fight in a Chicago school in which a 16-year-old passerby was killed.
This is where I grew up.

What's sad is, the crime was a lot higher when I was in elementary school (900 murders a year versus 400 murders a year today).

However, the media attention is greater today since: 1. this crime happens on the south side of chicago 2. Barack Obama lives on the south side of chicago

The Drudge Report and Rush Limbaugh are sending the message to Obama and Rahm "fix your house before you try to fix mine".

This is actually the neighborhood Barack Obama "organized" as a community organizer. If you read his books, he talks about helping people in the Altgeld Gardens community, and one of the gangs in this fight lived in the Altgeld Gardens community.

Obama's career consists largely of Failing Upward. It's nice work if you can get it. (That said, Obama's lightweightness compares favorably to our last President's, who would have lost in a Presidential election in which the only other candidates were his siblings and the only voters his parents.)
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