(Bill) Clinton on "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" and Demographics
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There's a lot to be said for former presidents just gracefully retiring, writing their memoirs, relaxing, taking up hobbies or playing golf. They'd certainly do less damage.

Former president Bill Clinton, however, will not shut up. In an recent interview, Clinton brought up the famed "vast-right-wing conspiracy". During his presidency, Clinton's wife Hillary brought up the purported existence of such a conspiracy. According to the Associated Press:

Bill Clinton says a vast, right-wing conspiracy that once targeted him is now focusing on President Barack Obama. The ex-president made the comment in a television interview when he was asked about one of the signature moments of the Monica Lewinsky affair over a decade ago. Back then, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton used the term "vast, right-wing conspiracy" to describe how her husband's political enemies were out to destroy his presidency.
Bill Clinton Speaks of Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy

Notice what else Bill said :

Bill Clinton was asked on NBC's "Meet the Press" whether the conspiracy is still there. He replied: "You bet. Sure it is. It's not as strong as it was because America has changed demographically. But it's as virulent as it was."
Did you catch that about the demographic change weakening the "the vast right-wing conspiracy"? In other words, Clinton is pointing out that immigration is swamping American with Democratic voters and he's happy with that.

What about the supposed "vast right-wing conspiracy"? Wouldn't it be working overtime to stop the importation of Democratic voters? Why hasn't it had much success on that?

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