Facebook Throttles Remix. Mark Zuckerberg Has Too Much Power
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In recent years, Remix News has emerged as a go-to source for incisive news on the impact of the third world immivasion on Europe. Well written and beautifully illustrated, the articles are usually sourced in non-English MSM articles rarely entering the Anglophone media.

VDARE has gratefully used Remix News stories as the basis for articles quite often. A particularly valuable example was last February’s Denmark Produces Immigration Patriot Leftist (!) Female (!!) Prime Minister. What Can U.S. Learn?

This has finally drawn the attention of the Facebook Gestapo. On Thursday Remix sadly posted Remix News censored: After earning 100 million views on Facebook, Meta hits us with shadowban, by John Cody, October 30, 2023.

Many who frequent our news site may be unaware how successful our videos have been on a variety of platforms, most notably Facebook. Over the last year, Remix News’ video views on that platform grew 2,500 percent, reaching 100 million, up from just 4 million last year. This explosive growth, we assumed, would eventually catch the attention of Facebook’s censors. That time has finally come.

…Now, our growth has come to an abrupt halt after Facebook hit Remix News with a claim that we were “promoting hate groups” three weeks ago and stopped recommending our page to its users, which amounts to what is effectively a shadowban. We held off on publishing this piece as Remix News was an appeal, but it appears that appeal will go unanswered.

…Meta’s strike saw our page, which was averaging 2 million video views a week just last month, drop to now under a thousand.

I recommend Remix’s reasoned discussion of this atrocity.

Facebook of course turned murderously censorious in early 2019: Facebook Bans “White Nationalism”—Does That Include Trump? VDARE.com? ALL Immigration Patriots?

They got round to VDARE in 2020: Peter Brimelow Responds To Facebook Over Banning Of The VDARE.com Foundation Page. They also shut down the accounts of various VDARE contributors including myself. Furthermore, in an act of characteristic spite, they closed Lydia Brimelow’s personal account, which predated her meeting Peter and was exclusively non-political, being used only to communicate with friends and family.

Jason Kessler is right: these people are nasty and dangerous: Note Sheer Anti-White Sadism Of Reporting On Lee Statue Vandalism—Because It’s You Next.

Probably Remix escaped the initial purge because most of its growth has quite recent.

But, considering the massive growth of Remix (now probably to be stopped) and so many other voices silenced, one can only speculate how different the political discourse would have been if Mark Zuckerberg had not abused his power over the years.

And wonder with Paul Gottfried: A Jewish Conservative Wonders: Is Free Speech Really A Jewish Tradition?

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