Example For Governor Perry: African Barrick To Fence Its North Mara Goldmine.
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North Mara Fence


Illegals stealing - but Africans, not Mexicans: Tanzania's North Mara mine


African Barrick PLC – 74% owned and controlled by Canadian mining giant Barrick Gold Corporation – has the same problem as do the American People: trespassers coming onto their property and stealing valuables.


This is happening at the company’s North Mara gold mine in Tanzania, a complex of four open pits where blasting releases gold-bearing rock in portable chunks worth enough to merit pilfering.


"Hundreds of villagers and migrants enter the mine illegally every day to scrounge for rock. They have borrowed an English word to describe themselves: “intruders.” The word has entered the Swahili language, with no negative connotation, as the name of a new occupation that can produce money and even wealth. For many of the hundreds of intruders who enter the mine illegally every day, this is a profitable business."

Barrick’s Tanzanian project tests ethical mining policies Geoffrey York The Globe and Mail Thursday Sep 29, 2011.


Being Africa, attempts to prevent this have produced much violence and quite a few deaths. The article acknowledges the locals:


"...have largely abandoned farming… the rising price of gold has drawn a rush of newcomers from across East Africa."

So African Barrick is resorting to what any self-respecting property owner would do:


"It is planning to surround the mine in a 14-kilometre concrete wall, three metres high, planted deep in the ground and topped by razor wire, at a cost of about $14 million."

That is, 8.7 miles and long and almost 10 feet high. Cheap at the price.


Of course, this entirely rational solution has occurred in recent years to Israel, India, Greece – even Mexico.  Fences work.


Governor Perry will not accept this for a simple reason - because he does not seriously want to stop the Mexifornication of America

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