MSM represses news of Greek Border Fence Decision
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The New Year has brought no change in the MSM’s Treason Lobby-driven determination to suppress the any stories supportive of immigration control.

Earlier this week, the news emerged that Greece intends to build a border fence along its Turkish frontier: Greece to build 128-mile anti-migrant wall by Bruno Waterfield The Telegraph 03 January 2011

The first stage unveiled yesterday was a proposed a 10-foot high, eight mile long trial wall by a weak entry point on the Turkish border, near the Evros river and the town of Orestidada, that was overwhelmed by immigrants last October.

Arrests of illegal immigrants entering Greece from Turkey increased five-fold, to 31,219, in the first nine months of 2010, the only EU land border to show a rise.

Frontex, the EU’s border agency, has estimated that the Greek-Turkey border is responsible for up to 90 per cent of illegal immigration, mainly from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

(Evidently improved interdiction on the trans-Mediterranean sea routes has caused this switch. There are some suspicions that Turkey, petulant about European Union inaction on its membership request, is turning a blind eye…doing a Mexico in fact!)

By now, dozens of stories have appeared in European and Asian newspapers about this fence. According to a Google News search today, not one leading U.S. paper has mentioned the matter. (An arguable partial exception is The Kansas City Star Greece considers fence on Turkish border Jan 03 2011 which uniquely picks up an AP story by Derek Gatopoulos. The electronic media does not appear to have been any better.)

You might think that with the border fence issue being undeniably present in US politics, the news that another country was using one might be of interest...if you thought the MSM was about news. This determination to prevent rational consideration of a fence on the Mexican border has long been one of the wonders of the immigration controversy. As I pointed out last year, Mexico has built one itself when it suited. And the success Israel - not under reported in the American media - has had with its version is not unknown.

But then, Israeli leaders care about their countrymen.

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