Congratulations To Phil Kent On Not Surrendering To The SPLC
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Phil Kent is a conservative who writes for Middle American News, has written a book on the dangers of liberal foundations, and is generally conservative.(We ourselves published his article How We Got Here: Foundations Fund Open Borders Agenda.) When he was apppointed to a Georgia panel tasked with overseeing the enforcement of their new immigration law he was immediately attacked by the SPLC and the local Mainstream Media. See

Well, he didn't back down, or apologize all over the place like Trent Lott, and his appointment to Georgia's Immigration Review Board has been confirmed. This is from the front page of Middle American News

MANews Columnist Appointed to State Immigration Panel, Denounced by SPLC

Middle American News columnist Phil Kent was named last month to a seven-member panel in Georgia created to oversee enforcement of the state's new law against hiring illegal immigrants.  The appointment sparked immediate denunciations from open borders advocates and at least one left-wing defender of a notorious cop killer.   Georgia's new law is modeled after Arizona's landmark immigration legislation that President Barack Obama and a host of left-wing groups and big business associations hope to overturn in the courts.

Kent, who also serves as spokesman for Americans for Immigration Control (AIC), which fought to get the law enacted, was named to the Immigration Enforcement Review Board by Gov. Nathan Deal.  The board has the power to investigate complaints about violations of the immigration law by city, county and state officials.

Kent's history of activism to control illegal immigration long ago earned him the ire of left-wing groups and other opponents of the law who swifty denounced his appointment.  The radical left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, which has already filed suit against the law, called Kent "a hate group leader," a charge echoed by Jay Bookman, a columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who called Kent a "bigot."

The SPLC, which supports open borders, often attacks immigration control activists and conservative groups and individuals.  It refers to MSNBC commentator and syndicated columnist Patrick Buchanan as a "white nationalist," and claims that both AIC and FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, are "hate groups."

The SPLC remains influential among journalists despite its links to far left radicals.  Mark Potok, the SPLC's director of its "intelligence project," has written articles for the People's World, the official online publication of the Communist Party.  SPLC's affiliate,, praises Pentagon terror bomber and self-professed communist William Ayers, leader of the terrorist "weather underground organization" who dedicated his political manifesto to Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy.

Most recently, SPLC board member James Rucker defended convicted cop killer Troy Davis who was executed this month in Georgia.  Said Rucker: "Rest in peace, Troy. We honor your memory by continuing the work."

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