Europhobic Media Outrage At Nationalist Incumbent's Victory In Czech Election
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One of the more interesting and ominous patterns in the Main Stream Media is the conflation of immigration patriotism with being "pro-Russian." Part of this is the ethnic hatred of Russians as such which seems to motivate so many journalists. But part of it is also a cynical strategy to deconstruct patriotism and identity. "Patriotism," in the MSM's eyes, is demanding a war with Russia to defend the Muslim migrants your government imported to replace your population.

Eastern Europe seems to be wising up to this game. The incumbent president of Czechia, Milos Zeman, has won a runoff election and will be returning for another term as the country's leader. The international journalists have responded with snarling fury, blasting Zeman as "anti-immigrant" while simultaneously calling him "pro-Russian."

Just a few reactions:

  • "Milos Zeman, an outspoken immigration critic and admirer of Russia's Vladimir Putin, has won a second five-year term as president of the Czech Republic". [Pro-Russian Czech President Milos Zeman Wins Second TermNPR, January 28, 2018]
  • "He’s a septuagenarian who dislikes Muslims, the media and migrants and loves Vladimir Putin. He’s detested by urban dwellers and liberal elites who see him as a national embarrassment and a menace to values they hold dear. And he’s just won his second term as president." [How (the European) Trump won a second termby Siegfried Mortkowitz, Politico, January 28, 2018]
  •  "[V]oters decided on Saturday to stick with President Milos Zeman and his often-caustic brand of populism that has stoked resentment toward Muslim immigrants and ruptured the country’s relationship with its allies to the west." [Czech Republic Re-elects Milos Zeman, Populist Leader and Foe of Migrants, by Marc Santora, New York Times, January 27, 2018]
And so on.

Of course, we could with more justification accuse journalists of "stoking resentment" against Russia and against any Europeans who want to prevent their countries from becoming part of the Third World. The attempt by such professional liars and warmongers to paint men like Zemen as "anti-Western" is deeply dishonest considering how the sole goal of EU bureaucrats seems to be replacing the indigenous European population with unemployable Third World dependents.

If "the West" has any hope of a future, it lies with men like Zemen. The real Europhobes are the journalists and bureaucrats who are fanatically determined to ensure the extermination of Western Civilization.

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