English To Be Taught That Britain Was Settled By Africans
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The arguments for mass immigration are always changing. If the economy is doing well, we need more workers. If it is doing poorly, we need immigrants to start businesses. If America is experiencing a wave of immigration, it's because we are supposedly a "nation of immigrants." If a country with no history of immigration is being threatened by a wave of demographic change, it's a good thing because it will make the country more vibrant and less boring.

The lies are all different but the overall objective is the same. European peoples are to be dispossessed from their countries by any means necessary.

One of the best ways to do this is to destroy a people's history. And that's precisely what is happening in the England today.

GCSE students are to be taught that some of our nation’s earliest inhabitants were Africans who arrived here long before the English.

The Mail on Sunday has discovered that the extraordinary rewriting of our island’s history – the politically correct work of a Marxist academic – will be offered to thousands of history students throughout England from September...

Offered by the Oxford and Cambridge examination board (OCR) and approved for use in schools, the course literature states: ‘This course will enable students to learn how the movement of people – European, African, Asian – to and from these islands has shaped the story of this nation for thousands of years.

‘The history of migration is the story of Britain: in 1984, Peter Fryer wrote, “There were Africans in Britain before the English came.” ’

The course – Migration To Britain c. 1,000 to c. 2010 – was created with academics from the Black and Asian Studies Association but has been condemned as ‘pro-immigration propaganda’ at a time when the subject is especially sensitive.

[GCSE pupils to be taught that the nation's earlierst inhabitants were Africans who were in Britain before the English, by Mark Branagan and Nick Craven, Daily Mail, January 9, 2016]

Who were these Africans? What they mean are some African legionaries who were garrisoning forts in the then Roman province. But as the article notes, there is no evidence they settled there. And I doubt Northern African legionaries resembled the typical Third World immigrants that are colonizing once Great Britain today.

However, it's interesting how the Cultural Marxists are now using the Roman Empire as a kind of inspiration for where they want to take Europe. Instead of a hierarchical Empire built upon Imperium and a certain ideal of civilization (and keeping out the barbarians), the ne0-Roman Empire will be open to everyone except White Europeans and actively encourage barbarian incursions.

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