Elon Musk Calls Out Ramaphosa on White Genocide
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I have long wondered when Elon Musk would speak out about the brutal killings of white farmers in South Africa, his native land.  A man with his money could practically fund a vast, luxurious refugee camp somewhere in Texas for the victims of this barbarity.

Today he replied to Benny Johnson's tweet featuring video of dancing members of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a black communist party founded by Julius Malema, who chanted "Kill the Boer, kill the White farmer."

Musk responded by observing that "they are openly pushing for genocide of white people in South Africa.  @CyrilRampaphosa, why do you say nothing?"

When I checked this afternoon, it was one of those tweets with the fast-spinning retweet counter.

Of course, openly pushing for genocide of white people is hardly restricted to militant black communist parties in South Africa.  The local school board in Maryland does that these days.

Musk remains hard to categorize politically, but it's nice to know that the owner of X is willing to say what no American politician, save Donald Trump, has said.

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