Is South Africa Going Down the Zimbabwe Route?
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‘The time for reconciliation is over’: South Africa votes to confiscate white-owned land without compensation

Frank Chung@franks_chung FEBRUARY 28, 201812:11PM

SOUTH Africa’s parliament has voted in favour of a motion that will begin the process of amending the country’s Constitution to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation.

The motion was brought by Julius Malema, leader of the radical Marxist opposition party the Economic Freedom Fighters, and passed overwhelmingly by 241 votes to 83 against. …

It was amended but supported by the ruling African National Congress and new president Cyril Ramaphosa, who made land expropriation a key pillar of his policy platform after taking over from ousted PM Jacob Zuma earlier this month. …

According to Bloomberg, a 2017 government audit found white people owned 72 per cent of farmland in South Africa. …

ANC rural affairs minister Gugile Nkwinti added, “The ANC unequivocally supports the principle of land expropriation without compensation. There is no doubt about it, land shall be expropriated without compensation.” …

Mr Malema has been leading calls for land confiscation, forcing the ANC to follow suit out of fear of losing the support of poorer black voters. In 2016, he told supporters he was “not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now”.

Civil rights groups have accused the EFF and ANC of inciting an ongoing spate of attacks on white farmers characterised by extreme brutality, rape and torture — last year, more than 70 people were killed in more than 340 such attacks.

Now, Cyril Ramaphosa didn’t develop a personal net worth of $450 million by terrifying “white monopoly capital” so I’m not sure how seriously to take this.

Culturally, South Africa seems like the opposite of Turkey where everybody loves to believe in conspiracies. On the other hand, South Africa seems like a place well worth conspiring over, so don’t ask me what is going on behind the scenes.

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