Election 2010—A Grinding Trench Warfare Advance For Immigration Patriots
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Election 2010 turns out to be a grinding trench warfare advance for the cause of patriotic immigration reform, but it was an absolute triumph for Roy Beck at NumbersUSA who has been talking ebulliently for nearly ten hours straight on his organization's webcast as I write. (Who needs the networks?) Roy argues in detail that the balance of power in both the House and the Senate has shifted significantly in the direction of patriotic immigration reform and it's well worth looking at his pie charts.

Among key immigration patriots, there are losers (Tancredo, alas; Angle) and winners (Barletta, Brewer, Deal). We know from experience that nothing short of victory will get the political Establishment's attention—but it's important to note that we also know even victory (Proposition 187, Proposition 200) would simply be flushed straight down the memory hole.

It's a new Congress. And new immigration patriot leaders will emerge. The long war goes on.

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