Ed West's "The Diversity Illusion"
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I am reading Ed West’s book The Diversity Illusion.  It’s a British take on the Diversity rackets, with particular attention to the follies of mass Third World immigration.  Nothing that VDARE.com readers don’t know, but elegantly expressed and neatly compressed to book length.

Random sample, from Chapter 6, “Happiness”;

Elsewhere the increase in diversity has led to greater segregation and in turn to the call for state action. Fewer than half the children in schools in inner-city Bristol now come from white British backgrounds, and where Somalis make up the bulk of two primary schools, segregation has become pronounced. After a report into the city’s schools, council leader Barbara Janke said: “One of Bristol’s great strengths is its diversity . . . The report says that without rapid and effective action, like many similar cities in the UK, we could find ourselves in a situation where schools are increasingly socially and ethnically divided. We are committed to taking action to prevent this happening.”  A “strength” that is divisive? We can only assume the “action” will be detrimental to bonding.

Ed West is a good egg—We’ve quoted him more than once.  Read his book!


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