"Dorner Unchained"—NYT Inquires If LAPD Had It Coming
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There haven't been enough wacko shootings so far in 2013, so the air has been slowly leaking from gun control momentum since the Newtown peak. You might think that L.A. wacko Christopher Dorner would be an excellent example to pump back up the Nuts-With-Guns panic, but, instead, because Dorner mentioned the R Word, Attention Must Be Paid to his reasons, just as with Connecticut shooter Omar Thornton in 2010.

From the New York Times:
Shooting Suspect’s Racism Allegations Resound for Some 
By ADAM NAGOURNEY56 minutes ago 
Whatever the changes since the days of rampant racism and corruption at the Los Angeles Police Department, an alleged killer’s charges — however unhinged — have struck a chord. 
LOS ANGELES — For the Los Angeles Police Department, the allegations of departmental corruption and racism by a former police officer now accused of a revenge-fueled killing rampage are the words of a delusional man, detached from the reality of the huge improvements the force has undergone over the years. 
“These are the rantings of a clearly very sick individual,” William J. Bratton, a former department commissioner, said Friday. “It would be a shame if he was able to rally to his cause people who remember the bad old days of the L.A.P.D.” 
Yet for whatever changes the department has undergone since the days when it was notorious as an outpost of rampant racism and corruption, the accusations by the suspect — however disjointed and unhinged — have struck a chord. They are a reminder, many black leaders said, that some problems remain and, no less significant, that memories of abuses and mistreatment remain strong in many parts of this city.

Dorner Explained.

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