CHICAGO TRIBUNE Publishes Op Ed By Righteous Liberal Opposing Amnesty!!
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We rarely find anything good to say about the Chicago Tribune, but it has just published an excellent anti-Amnesty Op Ed by former State Department official Dave Seminara, who says "I voted for President Barack Obama twice and I support the DREAM Act" (Legalizing illegal immigrants a bad idea, Chicago Tribune, February 8, 2013).

Among other incisive points, Seminara notes that any amnesty would result in an influx far bigger than 11 million, because of the family reunification provisions of current law, and that illegals from Latin America and Africa will instantly benefit from Affirmative Action preferences above native-born whites.

Curiously, the Chicago Tribune provides no way of contacting Dave Seminara or of commenting. However, he maintains a website. Applaud Dave Seminara here.

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