Does Romney/Ayotte Cuddle Mean He Is Going Mormon On Immigration?
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Ayotte Romney


Ayotte endorsing Romney: It must be safe!


Mitt Romney and New Hampshire’s Senator Kelly Ayotte have been having quite a cuddle. On Sunday we saw Sen. Kelly Ayotte backs Mitt Romney in N.H by Sarah B. Boxer November 20, 2011 and today Romney names Sen. Ayotte as VP option By Alicia M. Cohn The 11/22/11.


"Pressed by Hannity, he named Ayotte as one person he could consider."

Romney should not have said this. Ayotte remains in the contemptible posture of having cast no votes at all on the immigration issue - a situation I flagged over two months ago in New Hampshire's Congressman Guinta and Senator Ayotte: The Brave And The Cowardly


True, a disgusting total of eight out forty seven Republican Senators are dodging their responsibilities in this way (only one Democrat out of fifty three). Obviously this reflects that now established fact that the Republican Congressional Leadership in this cycle is firmly under the control of Slave Power Plutocrats and intimidated by the Treason Lobby.


But cowardice on major public policy issues is not a qualification for elevation to the White House, and neither is indecision on the major existential problem of immigration. Furthermore it raises serious questions about Romney’s own immigration credentials – rated only C- by NumbersUSA – and his Mormonism.


The problem here is that the Mormon leadership appears to have gone bad on immigration, as demonstrated by the recent assassination of Arizona’s Russell Pearce, exemplified by the Utah Attorney General’s Amnesty Conference last month, and discussed for us in detail by Randall Burns in April.


So it is time for Romney to re-verify his patriotic credentials – as least as decisive against the ghastly Gingrich (NumbersUSA ranking D-) as against Perry.


If discussion of the subject is ever allowed of course.

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