Disgruntled Minority Massacre Not About Islam—Black Employee Who Beheaded White Coworker Sentenced To Death Three Years After Crime
December 16, 2017, 07:41 AM
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In September, 2014, Alton Nolen, a black American beheaded Colleen Duffy and stabbing Traci Johnson, both white, in Moore, Oklahoma.

Brenda Walker reported it here:

Oklahoma: Black Muslim Convert Beheads Coworker

The big Muslim news on Friday was the beheading murder in Oklahoma of a worker in a food processing plant by a recent Muslim convert, Alton Nolen. He attacked a second woman with a knife, but was fortunately stopped by man with a gun, Mark Vaughan, a reserve sheriff’s deputy and the company’s chief operating officer.[More]

I found out this morning he'd been sentenced to death, via two tweeters concentrating on the "Muslim" angle:


In 2014, Brenda noted the Muslim angle, but also said of Nolen, a "born-here American citizen, but he converted to Islam when he was in prison" that

He was recently fired from his job at the Vaughan Foods plant where the murder occurred, and where he also pestered coworkers to convert to Islam. He has a long rap sheet, heavy on drugs and including an assault on a police officer.
Here's the thing—American blacks who are fired frequently come back and kill employees and former coworkers even if they're Christians.

I wrote this up in 2014.

The beheading of a white woman in a Western state by disgruntled African-American employee who had been fired for proselytizing the Muslim religion and for advocating the stoning of women reminds us that not everything is terrorism.

Or to put it another way, in black-on-white crime everything is terrorism. This suspect is not an immigrant from Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and he’s not involved in any external terrorist group. He’s a regular African-American man from a regular African-American family.[Mother of Muslim criminal who beheaded co-worker and stabbed another apologizes to his victims in online video… but adds ‘there are two sides to every story’, By Jill Reilly, Daily Mail, September 28 , 2014]

Because of the Main Stream Media policy of “Not Reporting Race”, we have no idea how many of the mass workplace shootings by disgruntled employees or ex-employees are actually committed by minorities, especially blacks.

Alton Nolen Not A Muslim Terrorist, But An American Phenomenon—116 People, Mostly Whites, Have Been Killed By 18 Black “Disgruntled Employees” In The Last 40 Years.

In 2016, I wrote, for our FAQ, this article: What Does VDARE.com Mean By A “Disgruntled Minority Massacre”?

It finished with a list of 131 killed and 31 wounded. Except for Salvador Tapia, a case I covered in 2003, all these killers were black. This list is incomplete–because it’s not announced in the media when this happens. This is about "racism"—the perception by blacks that whites are evil racists,  so getting fired is the same as being lynched.

Here's the Daily Caller's take:

On Sept. 24, 2014, ISIS inspired Islamic convert Alton Nolen entered a food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma. He took out a butcher knife and beheaded Colleen Hufford and critically stabbed Tracy Johnson. Both were employees at the factory. Nolen, who had been recently suspended from the plant, was a practicing Muslim who was obsessed with gruesome Islamic State beheading videos going viral at the time.

Nolen was shot and apprehended after his rampage.

Nolen was facing either the death penalty or life in prison without parole after a jury trial in Oklahoma.

Friday, the judge handed down his sentence: Death.

Judge Lori Walkley took a jury recommendation for the death penalty after months of deliberation. Nolen’s defense argued that he was mentally ill and that his readings of the Quran affected his ability to discern right from wrong. However, recordings of Nolen taken from the hospital and played for the jury showed no remorse over the brutal attack. [More]


The AP won't say he's either black or Muslim, and his white victims are raceless.

Oklahoma man sentenced to death for beheading his co-worker

Cleveland County District Judge Lori Walkley accepted a jury’s recommendation of the death penalty over life in prison without parole for Alton Nolen, 33. [A black Muslim] Jurors earlier this year convicted him of decapitating 54-year-old Colleen Hufford [A white woman. when he attacked her and others at the Vaughan Foods plant.

During the trial, prosecutors played recordings of Nolen confessing to the stabbings while he was hospitalized following the attack. In the recordings, Nolen says he doesn’t “regret it at all” and that “oppressors don’t need to be here.” [The word "oppressors" isn't religious—it's anti-white.

Investigators said Nolen had just been suspended from his job at the Vaughan Foods plant when he walked inside the company’s administrative office and attacked his co-workers.

His attorneys argued that he is mentally ill and that he believed he was doing the right thing because of his delusional misinterpretations of the Quran.[ The only mention of Islam, and it's in the service of the MSM belief that the the Koran doesn't say "behead the infidels".]

But prosecutors said Nolen knew right from wrong before he attacked Hufford.

Nolen had repeatedly tried to plead guilty and asked to be executed, but Walkley declined to accept his plea. One of Nolen’s attorneys had questioned whether his client was mentally competent to enter a guilty plea.[More, emphases added.]

But here's the point—Nolen really is an Oklahoma man—he's a regular American black, not an immigrant, who is from Idabel, OK, (population 7,010, about a quarter black) where his family lives.

I'm sure him attending a mosque and reading the Koran didn't help, and ISIS videos of beheadings may have inspired his particularly savage crime, but he was already an American black ex-convict before he was a Muslim.

This is a very old American problem, and the MSM doesn't want you to know about.