For The "What On Earth Is Wrong With White People?" File: Jurors Pay Illegal’s Fine
December 16, 2017, 12:35 PM
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In Fairfax County, Virginia — the nation's third wealthiest county by median household income — an illegal-alien maid stole $5,000-worth of jewelry from her employer.

She was convicted of felony grand larceny at the county court. Fox News reports that

Instead of jail time, the jury sentenced her to a $60 fine.
Then they pulled out their wallets and paid the fine for her!
Jury foreman Jeffrey Memmott told The Washington Post the jurors felt sympathy for the woman who testified she dropped out of school after sixth grade, had one child and was pregnant with another but was not employed.

“The general sentiment was she was a victim, too,” Memmott said. “Two of the women (jurors) were crying because of how bad they felt. One lady pulled out a $20 bill, and just about everybody chipped in.”  [Couple's fury as jury pays illegal immigrant maid's fine after jewelry theft conviction, Fox News, December 8th 2017.]

The perp here is 19 years old and pregnant, though of course not married. If she is not deported, the child will be a U.S. citizen.