Did Roseanne Confuse Valerie Jarrett with Huma Abedin?
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Roseanne Barr may well have gotten Obama’s Iran-born righthand woman Valerie Jarrett, who isn’t at all distinctly black-looking (especially after all the work she appears to have had done), confused with Hillary’s Saudi-raised righthand woman Huma Abedin, who has often been accused of having ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Stir in a few Ambien and a comedienne’s knack for non-sequitur connections …

Everybody is assuming “planet of the apes” is a metaphor for sub-Saharan Africans. (Why?) But I’d hardly be surprised if Roseanne used it instead as a metaphor for Jarrett’s unrealistic-looking make-up and plastic surgery, topics that Roseanne likely thinks about a lot. (The recent revival of The Planet of the Apes franchise used excellent computer generated imagery, but the famous original 1968 version, which came out when Roseanne was a teen, used blatant rubbery masks.)

I’m not an expert on Roseanne, but I bet she now and then makes mean jokes about what other ladies of a certain age (Jarrett is 61, four years younger than Barr) do to try to stave off the ravages of time.

Do you think Roseanne thinks about plastic surgery on occasion? From the New York Times in 1996:

After Nips And Tucks, What Is ‘Roseanne’?

For the last few years the sitcom ”Roseanne” and the star Roseanne have been dancing around a tricky question, How can a rich, powerful, surgically revamped Hollywood star remain a working-class heroine? This season the show is confronting that question with a plot twist that might be the smartest, or the worst, thing the show ever did. The fictional Conner family won the lottery, $108 million worth. Roseanne Conner had a fast, tongue-in-cheek plan for spending the cash. ”I’m getting me a ton of plastic surgery,” she said.

The real Roseanne has already been there, of course. In the eight years since her show began, she has transformed herself from a stand-up comic making jokes about being a domestic goddess in a trailer park into a glitzy celebrity trailing gossip wherever she goes. She has turned into a one-name wonder, like Cher or Madonna. And she has transformed her face, as every week’s opening credits proudly display. In a series of photographs from the show’s beginning to now, Roseanne, after about a ton of plastic surgery, comes to resemble a distant relative of her former self.

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