Despite Oakland Mayor's Treachery, Immigration Enforcement Continues in Northern California
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Mayor Libby Schaaf may have deterred ICE from arresting illegal aliens in Oakland for a day with her warning shenanigans, but there are plenty more Mexicans, et al to be expelled — this is California, for Pete’s sake. No shortage of arrestables here.

Illegal aliens get a free trip home — what’s wrong with that?

So reporter Claudia Cowen of Fox News went on a ride-along with some ICE agents as they arrested their way through Napa, of the famous wine country. The important point was noted by the ICE leader Matt Albence: it’s safer for all concerned when arrests are made in the jails rather than at people’s houses or workplaces.

But elite California loves their cheap labor, er diversity, so they have to make the process of law enforcement difficult. Fortunately, President Trump and ICE honcho Thomas Homan weren’t going to stop just because of some sanctuary state mumbo-jumbo.

CLAUDIA COWEN: Even as the mayor of Oakland was tipping off the illegal immigrants that federal enforcement raids were imminent, Fox News rode along as ICE officers moved out across Northern California, targeting homes since sanctuary laws prevent them from making arrests at local jails and detaining more than a hundred people like this multiple felon and deportee in Napa.

MATT ALBENCE, ICE ENFORCEMENT & REMOVAL CHIEF: I don’t know what benefit there is to allowing individuals that are here illegally committing crimes against innocent victims and oftentimes against those same individuals in these communities that these politicians are purporting to support.

COWEN: Speaking exclusively to Fox News, the head of ICE Enforcement and Removal blasted Mayor Libby Schaaf, saying her decision to announce the raids and suggest targeted illegal immigrants refused to cooperate, put lives at risk.

ALBENCE: We have officers that are sworn law enforcement officers, federal law enforcement officers, upholding the Constitution and the oaths that they took, and we have a politician that’s going to try to score cheap political points on the backs of the men and women of ICE, and that’s unconscionable.

COWEN: Schaaf said she had a duty to warn families ICE was coming.

MAYOR LIBBY SCHAAF: Many decisions that I make have risks and rewards. I do not regret sharing this information. I felt that it was my duty to share the information I had.

COWEN: But ICE officials say they’re asking the Department of Justice to look into whether she violated any laws, and if so, hold her accountable for protecting people who are breaking the law by being in the country illegally. ICE officials argue if politicians are truly concerned about the impact of raids in their communities they should return to a policy that had been in place for decades and allow them to detain criminal illegal immigrants at the jail once they’re released from local custody.

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