Derb’s Disastrous December Continues
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Our Stakhanovite colleague John Derbyshire, now 78, recently apologized for missing a Radio Derb because of health issues including a broken ankle. Unfortunately, this ankle has now become infected—I gather he stubbornly did his most recent podcast with a temperature of 102—and he is in hospital, hopefully to be released  in a couple of days.

This is very worrying.

At the risk of seeming crass, I feel the need to point out that John Derbyshire is a Project of the VDARE Foundation and that all tax-deductible donations to this truly great man and his work go exclusively to him.

Click the checkmark to select John Derbyshire.


Please don’t forget to click Derb‘s name so the money goes to him: first, click on “Earmark your donation,” then click on ”John Derbyshire.”

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