Democrat Convention Presents La Raza Moments of Illegal Alien Sob Stories
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As promised by the fairness-challenged Democrats at the DNC, Monday’s convention proceedings included unlawful foreigners portrayed as wonderful not-quite Americans, whose striving for full membership has been long thwarted by mean-spirited Republicans.

One special person so honored by the Democrats was Astrid Silva, a 28-year-old Mexican who was brought here as a child, making her a “DREAMer.”


(Astrid was preceded on the stage by Karla and Francisca Ortiz, an illegal alien mother and her US-born anchor daughter who worries she might “come home and I find it empty” — so heart-tuggy!)

Astrid’s yarn was classic sob story, depicting a hard-working family struggling to reach America across those pesky borders:

“When I was four years old, my mother and I climbed into a raft, and we crossed the river to join my father in America in search of a better life. All I had was a little doll.”
What an image! How can meanie border supporters keep out such nice people? There’s only seven billion more where they came from.

“DREAMers” are another scheme of the democrats to obliterate law and borders. Under DREAMer legislation, anyone who entered illegally under age 16 could eventually “earn” citizenship and then chain migrate their parents a few years later.

Break the law: get rewarded. It’s the Democrat way, at least for their chosen people.

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