A Keen-Eyed Reader Spots Obama Putting DREAMers Illegally On The Path To Citizenship
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From: A Keen-Eyed Reader [Email him]

I thought Federale might be interested in seeing this article that appeared in the Fresno Bee.

 Thanks to little-known rule, her trip to Mexico set her on a path to U.S. citizenship

By Andrea Castillo, July 15, 2016

Reading it jogged my memory about a warning he issued some time ago on the matter. That Dreamers (some who even staged publicity stunts by, in groups, crossing the border and coming back) were gaining reentry based on an administrative tool known as 'Advanced Parole' which then sets them on a path to citizenship.

From FAIR.org Legislative Update 7/26/16:

3,000 DACA Recipients Already Put on Path to Citizenship

The number of DACA recipients who wind up on a path to citizenship by exploiting advance parole is likely to increase significantly before the end of Obama's presidency. According to the USCIS letter to the senators, as of December 31, 2015, 22,340 DACA have been approved for advance parole. (USCIS Response, June 29, 2016) Thus far, 5,068 DACA who received advance parole have applied for adjustment of status, and 2,994 were approved. (Id.) Importantly, the USCIS letter fails to include the number, if any, of DACA who were denied advance parole or adjustment of status. (Id.) Given the extremely high approval rate of DACA applications, it is likely that USCIS is rubber stamping advance parole and adjustment of status approvals for those who know to take advantage of the process. According to USCIS data over 800,000 illegal aliens have had their DACA applications approved through the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2016. (USCIS DACA Data)


One commenter:
"Immigrants with citizen sponsors can become legal residents in one year versus 10 years"

Never mind the rule of law. All of you who waited, applied, were subject to background searches and inspection from the government, you are suckers.

James Fulford writes: Of course, the real suckers are Americans—not the ones who voted for Barack Obama, but the ones who trusted the pre-Trump GOP to defeat him.
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