Deep State Operative Thomas Decker And CultMarx Terrorists Move To Protect Criminal Alien Ravi Ragbir
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The radical left has struck against the Trump Administration again. This time it is not kritarchs releasing illegal aliens and criminal aliens in an effort to thwart deportations, but direct threats of violence to stop deportations. This time it is #TheResistance in the Deep State and CultMarx People of Color (POC) street thugs teaming up to halt not only the deportation of criminal alien Ravi Ragbir, but doing so to enable Ragbir to continue as the public face of a lawsuit to end all arrests and deportations of illegal aliens.

Over a year ago I observed the ability of the street thugs and Deep State operatives to interfere in the removal of illegal aliens with outstanding orders of removal where there were either no avenues of review or appeal open to the illegal aliens in question. [Leftist Media And Democrats Prove Trump Can Be Intimidated, by Federale, Federale Blog, March 10, 2017] It appeared that at some level, either in the White House, at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) headquarters, or within the bureaucracy of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), CultMarx POC thugs and their allies in the obedient press, could intimidate ICE officers and thwart the enforcement of deportation orders. And they are successful again.

Criminal alien Ravi Ragbir was scheduled for deportation this Saturday, but the street thugs were having none of that, and began to plan for massive violence at the Javits Federal Building where Ragbir was to report Saturday.

With ICE officials evidently determined to deport Ragbir on Saturday, and hundreds or thousands of Ragbir’s supporters likely to turn out in Lower Manhattan to stop them, the NYPD will once again face the dilemma of how to balance its mandate to preserve order with the city’s commitment not to cooperate in the deportation of New Yorkers.
[NYPD Says It Wasn’t An “Escort” When Police Accompanied Ice To Deport Activist Ravi Ragbir, by Nick Pinto, The Intercept, February 8, 2018]
And instead of responding to the threats with ruthless coercion, someone in ICE immediately surrendered to the radical leftists and Democrats opposed to the Trump Administration policy of deporting criminal aliens.
The feds have agreed to issue a temporary stay of deportation for immigrant-rights activist Ravi Ragbir, it was announced on Friday.
Ragbir has been fighting deportation after he was arrested on Jan. 11 during a routine check-in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement that sparked protests and arrests of nearly 20 people.
[Immigrant-Rights Activist Temporarily Avoids Deportation, by By Priscilla DeGregory, NY Post, February 9, 2018]
Worse yet, Ragbir and the Treason Bar are filing lawsuits based on a previous ruling in his case where Kritarch Katherine Forrest ruled that illegal aliens can't be arrested or handcuffed and they have a right to say good-bye unencumbered by having to appear for their deportations. [Kritarchs Attack Deportations, by Federale, Federale Blog, January 29, 2018] Ragbir and the Treason Bar want no deportations and are looking to kritarchs to create a right not to be deported and be a public illegal alien, just as they created a right to homosexual marriage. Call this the Anthony Kennedy inspired lawsuit.
Reps for Ragbir — the Trinidad native — also announced that they will be filing a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court on Friday against ICE, Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to permanently stop officials from attempts to deport Ragbir and for relief for other immigrants-rights activists who have also been targeted for deportation.
“Justice was restored today, at least temporarily, as Mr. Ragbir is now able to remain in the United States and free until the court reviews his constitutional claims,” Ragbir’s attorney R. Stanton Jones said.

So, who is the person who lost their nerve, or was looking for an excuse to free Ragbir? The primary suspect is ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Field Office Director for New York, Thomas Decker. He's the Deep State saboteur who twice previously cancelled the deportation of Ragbir, giving his CultMarx minions the opportunity to play the press and organize riots.

Deep State Operative Thomas Decker

It is unheard of for the deportation of a criminal alien to be quashed administratively, but Decker is apparently the ally of the criminal alien, and for no apparent reason. The temporary order of the the Kritarch Forrest halting the deportation of Ragbir had expired and in just one day Ragbir was to be removed. Why did Decker do this? Undoubtedly he is a saboteur, much like that other Deep State illegal alien sympathizer David Marin.

We won't know until Decker talks, you can reach him here and ask why he released a criminal alien onto the streets:

New York Field Office

26 Federal Plaza 9th Floor, Suite 9-110

New York, NY, 10278

Phone: (212) 264-4213


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