Deandre, The Lunatic From Whom Sgt. Pentland Defended His Neighborhood, "Is Mentally Ill And Has Been Committed To A Facility"
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Earlier: Here's A Remarkably Upside-Down WP Article About The Heroic White Sergeant Who Was Arrested For Defending Women And Children From A Black Lunatic Sex Criminal And Baby-Snatcher

From the Daily Mail news section:

Black man who was told he’d ‘come to the wrong neighborhood’ by aggressive Army Drill Sergeant, 42, ‘is mentally ill and has been committed to a facility’

Presumably, Deandre has been packed away to a psychiatric hospital by his parents to help avoid prison for his various crimes that provoked St. Pentland’s defensive actions.

Jonathan Pentland, 42, on Monday aggressively confronted a young black man named only as Deandre
Deandre is mentally ill and has been committed to a facility following the incident in a quiet gated community, can reveal
Pentland has been charged with third degree assault and battery
Deandre had been facing charges of trespass and animal cruelty from different incidents, but he has now been determined mentally incapable of standing trial
Pentland has been suspended from drill sergeant instructor role pending investigation after footage of the incident in South Carolina went viral
The three-minute clip shows Pentland repeatedly scream at the victim, telling him to ‘go away now’ and pushing him
Dozens of BLM protesters rallied outside Pentland’s home on Wednesday
In the early hours of Thursday Pentland was spotted fleeing his house

PUBLISHED: 18:26 EDT, 16 April 2021 | UPDATED: 02:39 EDT, 17 April 2021

So, Sgt. Pentland is a figure of hate for tens of millions because he said Deandre didn’t belong in this neighborhood and now Deandre’s parents say he doesn’t belong in any neighborhood but needs to be locked up for psychiatric care.

My vague impression is that young black men are somewhat more likely than young white men to be insane, although I don’t know why.

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